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Thursday, 15 July 2010 20:11

What is RSA Ballarat?

The Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat is a network of organisations from the public, private and nonprofit spheres that is taking a leading role in moving the region towards sustainability.

Why was it set up?

These organisations united to take advantage of an opportunity to help the community learn to live sustainably. They jointly applied for and received funding from the state government’s EcoLiving Grants Program. The funding is for the creation of an EcoLiving Ballarat Learning Network that will demonstrate, through community centres, how to live and work sustainably.

The group decided that there were many more ways to promote their vision of a sustainable Ballarat region where people lived well, but within the limits of the available resources. They decided to formalise their partnership by creating RSA Ballarat. The alliance will ensure strong collaboration between all of the organisations wanting to move the region towards sustainability.

What is our focus?

The Ballarat region is home to areas of natural beauty, productive farmland, and diverse landscapes. But the environment has suffered over time. While much has been done to repair the damage, key challenges remain. The community must protect its precious water supplies, use energy more efficiently, and reduce its reliance on the fossil fuels that cause climate change. It must also do more to safeguard and restore the biodiversity that is both essential for our existence and intrinsically valuable in its own right.

In the face of these challenges, the alliance explored alternative scenarios for the future. From a set of three scenarios for the Ballarat region in 2020, the group chose one – where the environment is repaired to the point where more carbon is absorbed than emitted, leading to regional prosperity.

To realise this ideal future, RSA Ballarat has identified four key directions that will guide its work:

  • Developing renewable energy opportunities: Community-owned models and farmscale projects, starting with a focus on bioenergy;
  • Sustainable industry: Big businesses represent a sizeable part of Ballarat’s energy and water use;
  • Sustainable living: Sustainable goods and services, with less consumption, eases pressure on natural resources; and
  • Natural resource management: Water, soil, minerals and biodiversity must be better protected to improve natural landscapes.

How can you work with us?

The alliance will hold a community forum twice a year to encourage collaboration between its members and the community. Forums will have a theme, speakers and a facilitator, and the focus will be on collaboration, innovation and project development. We encourage you to participate in these forums to identify how we can work with you.

RSA Ballarat will also visit sustainability players in and around Ballarat over the next 12 months to talk about its work.

Further information:

Please contact Aaron Izzard on (03) 5320 5897 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

Reports for Bioenergy Forum 2010

A Strategic Foresight Report for the Ballarat Region

To read the report click on the file name. icon RSA Strategic Foresight Report (454.42 kB)

Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat Direction Statement 2010 - 2012

To read the report click on the file name. icon RSA Direction Statement (3.52 MB)

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